I am Associate Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

Luara Ferracioli

My main areas of interest are the ethics of immigration, citizenship, and the family, broadly conceived. Sometimes I bring these areas of interest together, as when I discuss the ethics of family migration schemes, and the value of citizenship for children.

My first book, Liberal Self-Determination in a World of Migration, was published in 2022 by Oxford University Press. You can read a review from Prof. David Miller here. My second book, Parenting and the Goods of Childhood, was published in 2023. It provides a new theory of what justice requires from parents, both adoptive and biological.

My current project is entitled “Life without Birth: The Ethics, Politics, and Law of Artificial Wombs.” It is funded by the Australian Research Council as part of their DECRA scheme and will run until 2026. In this project, I assess the morality of artificial womb technology by inquiring into the value of procreation, the foundations of parenthood, and questions of fairness in gestation. I will collaborate with scholars from the University of Toronto, Central European University, and the University of Oslo.

I was born and grew up in Brazil, studied in Australia (Masters at the University of Melbourne and PhD at the Australian National University), and held academic positions in Oxford, Princeton, and Amsterdam.

My partner, Ryan Cox, is also a philosopher. We live in Sydney and we have three kids.